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NIACC - Mind Mania Camp
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NIACC Mind Mania Camps

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we are postponing the Mind Mania camp this year.
We will inform you when we have further information.

Ongoing updates will be posted at If you have any questions please send them to

Mind Mania is the best week of your summer. Mind Mania camp will run from June 8th through June 12th

Mind Mania takes the best part of every camp and rolls them into one. NIACC’s Mind Mania day camp offers campers the chance to exercise their minds in the morning and their energy in the afternoon. Kids entering grades 3-7 can find out exactly what the excitement is this summer when they attend the week-long camp, June 8th-12th. Camp will run every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and kids will explore areas like sports nature, forensics, creative writing, computers, theater, and more! Plus our instructors are top of the line from BA’s to PhD’s…NIACC has it all.

Join in on all the fun this summer and get in on Mind Mania! Following a morning of fun and learning, campers will break for lunch with entrees such as cheeseburgers, pizza, spaghetti, all-beef hot dogs, and chicken nuggets. In the afternoon the fun continues with high-energy activities.

Your camper will enroll in only one morning session and one afternoon session. That means every camper will choose one class to take all week long for the morning and one class to take all week long for the afternoon session. Space is limited so sign up today.

Reminder: Kickoff on Monday at 9:00 a.m. and Closing on Friday at 2:45 p.m. will both be held in the Activity Center. Pickup and drop off are in front of the North-Iowa Auditorium all other days and times.

Morning Classes

Get Cooking | 3rd - 5th Grades: No students with food allergies please! Learn how to cook tasty appetizers, easy dinners, and delicious desserts. Visit a bakery to see how to decorate cakes and cookies, and finish the week by taking home your own cookbook. Note: Class size is very limited no repeat students please.

Space Exploration | 3rd - 5th Grades: Travel to the depths of the universe and learn about deep space. Build your own model of the planets, and explore the constellations mad up by the stars in Mind Mania’s “Space Exploration.”

Fiesta Ole | 3rd - 5th Grades: You’re invited to the Spanish Fiesta at Mind Mania! Learn all about Spanish from the language to the customs. Come learn all about the fascinating Spanish language as well as get a taste of this amazing culture.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter | 6th - 7th Grades: Join us as we explore the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Throughout the week we will test our history of magic knowledge with quiz shows about the books, make potions, write fan fiction, play magical games, create artifacts (wands, quills, acceptance letters), practice transfiguration spells, and charms and even sample butter beer.

Listen to Your Art | 3rd - 7th Grades: Now is your chance to explore your creative side. Improve your drawing skills and explore materials such as chalk, paper mosaic, string painting, and many more! Is there something you want to do? Just let your instructor know! Bring some pictures and ideas of things that interest you. The possibilities are endless in this course.

Lights! Action! Improv! | 3rd - 7th Grades: Create original scenes using improvisation and refine them for a performance.

Mind Mania Monkeys | 3rd - 7th Grades: The instructor for this course lived in the city known for the popular stuffed toy. Begin by learning the history of the famous Sock Monkey, and by the end of the week, you will have cut, stuffed, and sewn your own Sock Monkey by hand. Each Sock Monkey is unique, creative, and 100% you!

You Can Rule the World! | 6th - 7th Grades: This class is everything girls need to know to empower and present the best them! Learn self-defense techniques from a real expert, important nutrition and exercise information-including some cooking of healthy snacks, and taking care of your skin by making your own bath bombs! Our licensed counselor will also tackle tough issues on how to deal with peer pressure and staying true to yourself, electronic safety, and conflict resolution and the power of communication skills. The week will wrap up with a special community project. The perfect class to empower YOU!

Elements of Architecture | 6th - 7th Grades: Have you ever wondered how a building became a building? This course will introduce you to Frank Lloyd Wright’s principles of design while exploring the fundamental aspects of architecture. Hands-on projects are integrated with STEAM as basis for creativity, innovation, and problem solving towards a better understanding of the built and living environment.

Afternoon Classes

MVP Mayhem | 3rd - 5th Grades: Formerly known as Get in the Game, this class has new curriculum to keep you active and having fun.

MVP Mayhem | 6th-7th Grades: Formerly known as Get in the Game, this class has new curriculum to keep you active and having fun.

Survivor | 3rd - 5th Grades: You have heard that it’s a jungle out there. How will you learn to survive in a natural or urban jungle? Learn how to administer first aid to a person in need and how to protect yourself in a s tornado or other severe storm.

Mad Scientist | 6th - 7th Grades: Use your hands as a real "Mad Scientist" in this whirlwind class on how a lab works!  This course is bubbling over with classic experiments and crazy concoctions. Witness stunning demonstrations and learn how to use lab equipment like a real chemist.

Passport to the World | 3rd - 7th Grades: Your passport to the world includes a five-day tour of food, film and fun! Catch some multi-lingual phrases, enjoy tasty morsels from Europe, and trek your way through a desert. Get your passport stamped at every port of call.

Step into the Spotlight | 3rd - 5th Grades: If you love to be on stage, if singing, dancing and acting is your thing, then this class is just for you!  Join us as we work together on a mini musical call KidFlix; including songs from Moana, Monsters Inc, The Peanuts Movie, Zootopia, Polar Express and Spider Man.  Opportunities for solos and speaking parts are available with a final performance for our campers, parents, and staff on our last day of camp.

Canvas Kids | 6th - 7th Grades: Do you enjoy painting or would you like to explore paint? Well, jump right in, pick up a brush and let’s do this! We will explore several types of paint and you are encouraged to bring along some ideas you want to paint. Maybe a pet, a superhero, or an outdoor scene you like, would make a good project. This course is sure to be FUN!

Printmaking | 6th - 7th Grades: Spend the week exploring an introduction to printmaking. In this camp, students will design their own stamp form an eraser, create printing blocks from Styrofoam, learn how to carve linoleum blocks, and end the week developing and printing a large art piece through collaborative techniques.

Mind Mania Camp
JUNE 8th - 12th
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Cost: $159
Includes Morning & Afternoon Class
Registration Deadline: June 5th
**Students Must Register For
A Morning & Afternoon Class